Equestrian Competes at Judson & Alabama

Equestrian Competes at Judson & Alabama

By: Lexi White, Sports Information Assistant

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The Western Equestrian Team traveled to Judson College on Saturday to compete in their final two shows of the season before moving onto Regionals and the Hunt Seat Team competed at the University of Alabama on Sunday.



Western Show One:

Open Reining:

Sarah Cooper- 5th


Open Horsemanship:

Sarah Cooper- 3rd


Advanced Horsemanship:

Alex Sievenpiper- 1st

Allie Robertson- 2nd


Novice Horsemanship:

Kelly Knott- 4th

Claire Taylor- 3rd

Sophie McEntee- 4th


Intermediate Horsemanship:

Grace Bowers- 5th

Hillery Rolle- 1st


Western Show Two:

Open Reining:

Sarah Cooper- 2nd


Open Horsemanship:

Sarah Cooper- 1st

Alex Sievenpiper- 3rd


Advanced Horsemanship:

Allie Robertson- 1st

Kinsey Figliolini- 6th


Novice Horsemanship:

Kelly Knott- 5th

Claire Taylor- 1st

Mary Catherine Hix- 6th

Hillery Rolle- 3rd

Sophie McEntee- 2nd


Intermediate Horsemanship:

Grace Bowers- 5th


Beginner Horsemanship:

Miriam Pitts- 6th



Hunt Seat:

Open Over Fences:

Erin McGlone- 5th


Open Flat:

Erin McGlone- 3rd

Lexi White- 5th


Intermediate Over Fences:

Allie Ketterman- 4th


Intermediate Flat:

Elliette McElroy- 4th


Novice Over Fences:

Maggie Sanford- 4th

Ansley Kozar- 1st

Lizzy Madeiros- 5th


Novice Flat:

Maggie Sanford- 2nd

Ansley Kozar- 1st

Lizzy Madeiros- 2nd


Advanced Walk Trot Canter:

Alex Sievenpiper- 5th


Walk Trot:

Miriam Pitts- 3rd




  • Sarah Cooper earned High Point Rider for the second Western show
  • Hillery Rolle pointed out of Intermediate Horsemanship into Novice Horsemanship
  • Maggie Sanford pointed out of Novice on the flat and over fences into the Intermediate division
  • Alex Sievenpiper pointed out of Advanced Horsemanship into Open Horsemanship


  • Rolle, Sanford, Sievenpiper, and Erin McGlone are now qualified for Regionals in March
  • Cooper is now qualified for the American Quarter Horse Association Cup at Nationals in May


The Hunt Seat team will travel to Auburn University Saturday, February 23.