Berry Sweeps English, Western Shows Saturday

With the superstitions of St. Patrick's Day not that far around the corner, "luck of the draw" took on a far more literal meaning at the Berry College equestrian team's spring show Saturday at the Eugene Gunby Center.

After sweeping both the English and Western shows in a convincing fashion, the Viking riders attributed much of their success to drawing good horses and their difficult off-season lessons paying off.

In the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) system, riders draw their mounts from a common pool of the hosting college's horses (plus a few from visiting schools) before classes begin, creating a balanced playing field for all involved.

Thus, English high point rider Sarah Lawrence said that she "felt really lucky to have drawn such good horses," with appropriately cute names for such a winning day - Starbuck from Kennesaw State University and Berry's own Jazz, but her teammates quickly added that she rode incredibly well, winning both her Intermediate Equitation class and Novice Over Fences to keep the high point title at home.

Fellow hunt seat riders Savannah Bleakley, Megan Erikson, Katherine Hollingsworth, Antonia Van Os and Lynn Cherry all contributed to Berry's blue ribbon total with wins in their respective classes.  

Berry won the English show with a point total of 40, 16 points ahead of second place University of Georgia and 18 points ahead of third place University of South Carolina. Clemson, Converse College, West Georgia, North Georgia, Lander University, Kennesaw State, Judson College, Furman, Georgia Tech, and Emory made up the rest of the 13 teams in today's show.

The Western riders fared equally as well as the day went on, also winning their show. Veteran Allie Jones opened the afternoon with a second place in her Reining Horsemanship class before adding an even better first place in Open Western Horsemanship. Fellow senior Chelsey Argo added a fourth place finish in Open Western to seal the deal as the sun began to set over Gunby's covered arena.  

Not to be outdone, the rest of the Western team gave a strong performance to guarantee a Viking win before riding in Sunday's regional show, which is actually taking place as Sunday's second show at Berry. Kristen Atwell, Cecilia Auble-Shields, Ariel Robelen, Ali Wheless and Emmalee Walter all netted blue ribbons in their respective classes.

With a win Sunday, the English riders will secure a place in their regionals, but will have to wait a week before heading to compete in Athens, Ga., next weekend.



English Classes: 

Open Equitation:
Megan Erikson – 2nd 

Intermediate Equitation:
Savannah Bleakley – 1st
Sarah Lawrence – 1st
Jennifer Rieger – 3rd 

Open Over Fences:
Megan Erikson – 1st 

Intermediate Over Fences:
Danielle Church – 5th 

Novice Equitation:
Kristin Brennan – 3rd
Katherine Hollingsworth – 1st
Antonia Van Os -1st 

Novice Over Fences:
Caroline Anderson – 2nd
Liz Leduc – 4th
Kristin Brennan – 2nd
Jennifer Rieger – 3rd
Sarah Lawrence – 1st 

Advanced Walk/Trot/Canter:
Katie Doran – 3rd 

Beginner Walk/Trot/Canter:
Lynn Cherry – 1st
Elizabeth Pabst – 5th 

Western Classes:  

Reining Horsemanship:
Allie Jones – 2nd 

Open Western Horsemanship:
Chelsey Argo – 4th, Allie Jones – 1st 

Advanced Western Horsemanship: 

Kristen Atwell – 1st

Novice Western Horsemanship:

Cecilia Auble-Shields – 1st, Rebecca Cochran – 3rd

Intermediate II Western Horsemanship, section 1:

Ariel Robelen – 1st, Bonnie Johnson – 4th

Intermediate II Western Horsemanship, section 2:

Ali Wheless – 1st

Beginner Western Horsemanship:

Emmalee Walter – 1st

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