Barron Stadium

300 West 3rd Street, Rome, GA 30161

Directions: Google Maps (written directions are at bottom of this page.)

Barron Stadium hosts two Berry College football games in 2013. The stadium is the host of the 2013 NAIA Football National Championship game, and also hosts Shorter University and Rome High School football and track events. Barron stadium’s capacity is 6,500 people.


Directions from Birmingham, Alabama (West)

  1. Merge onto I-59 N toward ATLANTA / GADSDEN. (55.8 miles)
  2. Merge onto I-759 E / JOE FORD FWY via EXIT 182 toward GADSDEN. (4.9 miles) 
  3. Merge onto US-411 N / AL-25 E via EXIT 4B toward GADSDEN. (23.3 miles) 
  4. Turn LEFT onto US-411 / AL-68 / CLARENCE E CHESTNUT JR BYP. (2.2 miles) 
  5. Turn LEFT onto AL-68 / CEDAR BLUFF RD. Continue to follow AL-68. (5.4 miles) 
  6. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto AL-9. (9.2 miles) 
  7. AL-9 becomes GA-20. (16.3 miles) 
  8. GA-20 becomes Shorter Avenue. Turn right onto 2nd AVENUE. 
  9. Barron Stadium will be on your left. 

Directions from Atlanta, Georgia (South)

  1. Merge onto I-75 N / GA-401 N. (42.9 miles) 
  2. Take the GA-20 exit- EXIT 290- toward ROME / CANTON. (0.2 miles) 
  3. Turn SLIGHT LEFT to take the ramp toward ROME. (<0.1 miles) 
  4. Turn LEFT onto GA-20 W. (2.3 miles) 
  5. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto ramp. (0.1 miles) 
  6. Merge onto US-41 N / US-411 S / GA-3 N / GA-20 W. (2.8 miles) 
  7. Merge onto US-411 S / GA-20 W toward ROME. (18.9 miles) 
  8. Merge onto GA-20 W toward ROME. (4.0 miles) 
  9. GA-20 becomes Turner McCall Boulevard. Turn LEFT onto BROAD STREET.
  10. Turn RIGHT onto 2nd AVENUE. Barron Stadium will be on your right.

Directions from Chattanooga, Tennessee (North)

  1. Merge onto US-27 S. 
  2. Merge onto I-24 E via the exit on the LEFT toward ATLANTA / KNOXVILLE. (6.8 miles) 
  3. Merge onto I-75 S via EXIT 185A toward ATLANTA. (44.0 miles) 
  4. Take the GA-53 exit- EXIT 312- toward ROME / FAIRMOUNT. (0.1 miles) 
  5. Take the ramp toward ROME / CALHOUN. (0.1 miles) 
  6. Turn RIGHT onto GA-53 W. (22.6 miles) 
  7. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto GA-293 / BROAD ST. (0.1 miles) 
  8. Continue over US-27 / GA-1 / GA-20 / TURNER MCCALL BLVD NE. 
  9. Turn RIGHT onto 2nd AVENUE. Barron Stadium will be on your right.